Key Features of the 10,000-acre East Rim Ranch (ERR).

  • Overview of the ERR

    East Rim Ranch lies at 4,000’ elevation and is located 28 miles south of Alpine on US Hwy 118 between Alpine and Big Bend National Park in Brewster County, Texas. The ranch is just south of Elephant Mountain, a 27,000-acre wildlife management area owned by the state of Texas and managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

    The ranch consists of 10,000 acres including seven miles of US Hwy frontage and has rolling terrain with 200 foot high limestone hills. It is part of the desert grasslands and home to mule deer, blue quail, wild turkey, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Desert Big-Horn Sheep and the occasional elk and Aoudad or Barbary sheep.

    Calamity Creek, Wildlife and Watering System

    Calamity Creek flows south from the high mountains and runs thru the ranch creating a prolific aquifer and dramatic landscape. The creek is a highway for the Desert Bighorn Sheep that breed on Elephant Mountain to the north and Nine Point Mesa to the south. The bottom lands of the creek hold pocket-water thru most seasons; it provides shelter and produces plentiful grasses and habitat for grazing animals like the mule deer, Oryx and sheep.

    The East Rim Ranch has been managed for wildlife for the past five years; it has an extensive watering system including a 30,000 gallon steel reservoir that feeds water to the watering troughs found throughout the different areas of the ranch. In addition, pocket water in the Calamity creek bottom and several natural tanks provide seasonal water for the livestock. Much of the ten miles of water lines have been upgraded during the past five years along with the roads.  There are four bulk feeders located near water troughs. In addition to the wildlife, the ranch has been carrying a herd of 50 head of cattle which is only a third of the potential carrying capacity that the ranch could sustain.

    Roads and Other Improvements

    The ranch has a rock quarry that was used by the state highway department to build US Hwy 118. The quarry still has plenty of material which has been used to improve and maintain the roads on the ranch. Since 2008, over ten miles of newly improved roads have been constructed and there are two hard-limestone crossings on Calamity Creek.

    Electricity is located adjacent to the north fence line of the ranch and can easily be extended thru the ranch. Two water wells were drilled in the middle and south areas in 2008 that have been tested at over 40gpm. The ranch relies on a shallow well that provides water to the neighboring Y-Bar Ranch and the ERR and is run by electric pumps. This well has continued to pump at a steady pace even thru the recent drought.

  • 10,000 acre Ranch Map

    10,000 acre Ranch Map

    Soil Map & Different Tracts

    Soil Map & Different Tracts